Fethiye Boat Trip: 12-Island Tour

Fethiye Boat Trip: 12-Island Tour

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12 adalar

12 adalar

One of the most popular activities for tourists in Fethiye is the 12-Island Tour, aptly named after 12 beautiful islands in the Fethiye Bay, and the boat trip usually includes 5-6 stops at selected islands, allowing you to explore the best bays and islands. If you pay attention on the cruise you may even see dolphins, flying fish and sea turtles in the extraordinary beautiful turquoise waters of Fethiye, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Fethiye 12 AdalarFethiye 12 Adalar

Sea Turtle

On Board

On the trip you often have the opportunity to enjoy great food & drink as you cruise the islands. Not every island is suitable to visit, but will be seen only from the boat, but do not let that deter you as you will have plenty of opportunity to set foot on amazing islands. The waters in Fethiye Bay are well-suited to swimming, snorkeling and diving and you are invited to explore the underwater treasures of the 12 islands. Some tour companies also offer water-skiing and other water sports. Check with the captain or tour company ahead of the tour to find out what is being offered. Departure is usually in the morning between 10-11 and the duration of the boat trip is normally around 6-7 hours, so you can expect to finish the cruise around 7pm. Either your tour company offers pick-up from your resort or hotel, or you will have to meet them in the harbour, where hundreds of cruise boats are waiting to take you out on this boat trip.

Islands On the Fethiye Boat Trip

Some of the islands you are likely to visit, include the Dockyard Island, the Red Island, Cleopatra’s Baths, the Flat Islands, Aquarium Bay and Gobun Bay. Please note that different tour companies offer stops at different sets of islands, so make sure to ask around first if there is an island you want to visit in particular. We would recommend the Red Island in particular as the waters are very clear and the ground is clean and has a nice red color to it, hence the name of the island. Don’t miss the mud baths!

At Clepoatra’s Baths you will have the opportunity to swim around in a hot water spring. Due to its high mineral content you will find a refreshing and healthy cure in the waters, good enough for Cleopatra herself!

We would also recommend Gobun Bay, on the south-western coast of Fethiye, which has crystal clear waters and is famous for the peace and quiet. If your trip takes you to Gobun Bay you should make sure not to miss the natural caves!

For our guests at Hillside Beach Club we offer boat trips to the 12 islands. Check out the Sailing in Turkey section of our website for more information.


Make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and even then, make sure to stay out of the sun once in a while. Many tourists return to their hotels after a long day and find out that the sun was stronger than they expected. It’s important to use common sense, depending on your skin type and sensitivity. Make sure to also stay hydrated, so drink a lot of water throughout the day.


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