Kas – The Heaven of Turkey

Kas – The Heaven of Turkey

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During your stay with us in Fethiye, one of the most special places that you can visit on a day trip is the traditional seaside town of Kas. When you visit Kas, it is like taking a step back to a simpler time. Your journey to Kas will be a journey to one of the most charming Turkish fishing villages there is, where cobblestone streets are lined with colorful bougainvillea flowers and where the Mediterranean is just steps away from the village center. Here, you can enjoy a perfectly customized experience to suit your tastes.

For those of you looking for a relaxing getaway day trip, Kas offers lovely restaurants, which are often family owned and where all of the food is local and traditional. For fresh seafood, it doesn’t get any better than Kas, where the sea is part of daily life. It is a laid back village, and a picturesque island of tranquility that is largely untouched and calmer without the throngs of tourists that you might find in similar small towns with a bigger brand name. For a tranquil beach day, you can take a minibus to Kaputas Beach, where the water has a unique color because of the intersection of mountain water and seawater. This beach is located in a cove which lends it a really special atmosphere.


Although you can have a totally relaxed and peaceful time in Kas, there is no shortage of adventure for those who are seeking a more thrilling excursion. As Kas is located on a gorgeous beach which is surrounded by mountains and hills, there are a variety of activities available. Some of the most popular activities include paragliding, hiking, and even mountain biking – all of which take advantage of the lush mountainsides. For those of you who love the water, scuba diving and snorkeling offer a glimpse of the rich sea life beneath the surface of the Mediterranean’s aquamarine waters. In fact, its not only natural underwater reef scenery that you can explore, but a variety of shipwrecks and plane wrecks for an eerie but unforgettable diving experience. For a different kind of adventure, if you happen to be on Kas on a Friday you can explore the local market with its many trinkets, fresh veggies, and of course tasty Turkish delights. To combine adventure with relaxation, we recommended hiring one of the many boats for a half a day or even full day excursion to the islands that dot the area around Kas.

Like many places in Turkey, Kas is also special for having roots that stretch way beyond the simple fishing village exterior. Just a short walk away from the village, is an ancient amphitheater, if you really want to feel like you’ve gone back in time. You can also take a minibus to the ruins of Xanthos or Patara if you are feeling a bit of wanderlust.

Kas may be a small town, but it has a lot to offer! Whether you’re just looking for a more local feel to your morning breakfast or you’re heading off for a day-long pursuit of adrenaline, you can find it at Kas, a real gem of Fethiye.


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