Nightlife in Fethiye

Nightlife in Fethiye

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While Fethiye is known for its beautiful Mediterranean beaches, its historic sites and beautiful nature, its nightlife is less known. Granted, most visitors to Fethiye don’t come for the sake of the nightlife per se, but rather for the above-mentioned reasons and others. With that said, the Fethiye nightlife does have quite a bit to offer, both to those who wish to dance the night away and to those who wish to have a drink with friends.


This introduction to the Fethiye nightlife will hopefully provide you some help regardless of whether you are currently in Fethiye and need some ideas to plan your evening, or whether you are planning a trip to Turkey and wonder if Fethiye is the place to go.


To begin with, if you like to go exploring the main bar and restaurant areas of Fethiye, you have the Old Town Bazaar in downtown Fethiye with a large selection of fun places. For those who are not in the town of Fethiye, but rather in Ölüdeniz a bit to the south, you have the beach promenade along Belcegiz Beach with a number of places. It may be more suitable to a younger audience though.

Best Bars and in Fethiye

If you’re looking for a friendly atmosphere with rock music, friendly staff, well-prepared cocktails and decent prices, you should definitely check out the Deep Blue Bar in Fethiye (Google Maps). In winter they have a lovely fireplace that will make sure to keep you warm. On that same street you will also find a very popular restaurant, Mozaik Bahce, which has been awarded Tripadvisor’s Certificate of Excellence 2014 with hundreds of raving reviews, specializing in Turkish cuisine.


Another place that has been very popular with English ex-pats, is Val’s Cocktail Bar, (Google Maps), run by the Englishwoman Val. If you long for English beer, or perhaps even strong coffee, then this is a place to keep in mind.


If you’re looking wild parties well into the night, you should definitely get acquainted with Club Bananas. It has been described as Fethiye’s “premier party joint” and with its foam parties it is easy to understand why. As an added bonus, which comes to show how wild this place is, you may get to see the staff set fire to the bar and then dance on it!

Fethiye gece hayatı


Nightlife at the Hillside Beach Club

For our guests at the Hillside Beach Club we have a lot going on at night. We have daily shows, Broadway-style and a variety of parties, such as our beach party or Exclusive Friday. On top of that we also host a large number of special events, such as a Zumba Fitness Party, or how about a Full Moon Party or Classical Music Over the Sea. We endeavour to offer a large variety of events and parties so that you will always find something to your liking, regardless of age or preferences.


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