Wakeboarding in Fethiye

Wakeboarding in Fethiye

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Trending now in the world of watersports is wakeboarding, ‘snowboarding on the water’ as it has been defined, or ‘skurfing’ as it was originally called. The wakeboarder is towed by holding on to a tow rope tied to a motorboat, allowing the wakeboarder to reach speeds of up to 30 to 40 km/h (18-25 mph). At this breathtaking pace the skilled wakeboarder performs tricks, or maneuvers, that often startle spectators.

Wakeboarding is a fast-growing watersport, popular all over the world among both men and women, since its rise in the early 80’s. The popularity of the sport grew and since 2005 it has been part of the World Games in the category trend sports. Perhaps it’s the feeling of perfect freedom, unparallelled by most other sports, that explains the sport’s rise in popularity. Also in Turkey the sport has grown increasingly popular. Turkey is uniquely well suited to wakeboarding, with its great climate, long Mediterranean coastline and some of the best Mediterranean beaches. It has hosted many events, tournaments and championships in wakeboarding, among them the World Cup in 2009.

wakeboarding in Fethiye

Wakeboarding at Hillside Beach Club

At Hillside Beach Club we offer many different water sports in Turkey. Among them motor water sports such as wakeboarding. According to our philosophy, for a vacation to be truly refreshing, allowing you to recharge, relaxation should be balanced with an outlet for your energy. For some this will mean activities such as swimming, taking long walks, scuba diving and other various activities. For others, there’s a need to feel the adrenaline pump through their veins!


Learn Wakeboarding by Professionals

If you are tempted by the adrenaline rush and feel allured by the thought of catching tons of air or performing tricks such as the Surface 360, then wakeboarding is definitely for you. Perhaps you’ve never stood on a wakeboard and feel intimidated by the speed. Fear not however, at Hillside Beach Club we offer wakeboarding courses taught by professional instructors, at all levels, from absolute beginners as well as for the advanced practitioners. Hillside Beach Club is in fact home to the first official school of water-skiing and wakeboarding in Turkey. In no-time you will be able to try it out and learn for yourself what all the fuss is about.

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