An oasis for anytime pampering…

Sanda Spa is a metropolitan concept spa with a minimalist design and exotic features that houses a selection of treatment rooms, Jacuzzi, sauna and the traditional luxurious Turkish Hamam.

  • Sanda Breaks
    • Sanda Active

      Deep and strong pressure massage that relaxes, energizes and strengthen muscles.

      60 minutes

    • Lava Shell Massage

      This unique treatment eases tired muscles and soothes the spirit with warm sea shells, a complete experience that engages all the senses in boosting your emotional well-being.

      60 minutes

    • Turkish Herbal

      A unique blend of Turkish oils applied with rhythmic light or hard strokes to take away stress.

      60 minutes

    • Summer Harmony

      A special massage balancing body, mind and soul. Stimulates nerves, muscles, glands and speeds up the blood circulation, promotes health and well being.

      60 minutes

    • Four Hands Signature Massage

      This pampering massage session features two therapists working together in unique harmony.

      60 minutes

    • Stone Therapy

      The healing power of touch combines with the energy of earth stones in this relaxing muscle-melting massage.

      75 minutes

    • Crystal Massage

      By applying four different techniques with crystal rocks, we uncover positive energy all over your body, deriving an excellent level of comfort using the unique effects of crystal.

      90 minutes

    • Bamboosage

      Refresh your body and soul when you succumb to the rhythmic movements of heated bamboo sticks on different parts of your body – perfect for those who like their massages strong.

      60 minutes

  • Specific Sanda Breaks
    • Head & Face

      30 minutes

    • Upper Back & Shoulders

      30 minutes

    • Hands & Feet

      30 minutes

  • Sanda 'Hamam' Experience
    • Rejuvenating Soap Massage

      A deep foam massage using herbal soaps and a sea salt scrub in the traditional ambience of a Turkish bath cleans and refreshes your body while moisturizing your skin.

      30 minutes

    • Turkish Hamam Ritual

      Clad in a traditional waist cloth, relax on heated marble while our therapist cleans and scrubs your body with a fibrous sponge, before completing the ritual with a classic foam massage.

      45 minutes

    • Luxurious Hamam Pleasure

      Taking the traditional experience one step further, refreshing ice massage follows the Turkish Hamam Ritual.

      60 minutes

  • Sanda Spa Packages
    • Jet Lag Recovery

      Rejuvenating Soap Massage, Sanda Break Massage, and Head & Face Massage.

      110 minutes

    • Indulge & Unwind

      Turkish Hamam Ritual and Upper Back & Shoulders Massage.

      70 minutes

    • Summer Solstice

      Luxurious Hamam Pleasure and Four Hands Signature Massage.

      105 minutes

    • 3-Day Package

      1st Day Upper Back & Shoulders Massage
      2nd Day Exotic Coconut Rub and Milk Ritual Wrap
      3rd Day Sanda Break Massage(60 minutes)

      165 minutes

    • 4-Day Package

      1st Day Turkish Hamam Ritual
      2nd Day Sanda Break Massage(60 minutes)
      3rd Day Crystal Massage
      4th Day Elemis Skin Specific Facial

      255 minutes

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