The abbreviations used in this Contract are as follows.

1. COMPANY: ATTAŞ Alarko Turistik Tesisler A.Ş., the official owner of the website, residing at the address Nispetiye Cad. Ahular Sokak No:6 Etiler – Istanbul
2. SITE: The internet page with the domain name www.hillsidebeachclub.com.
3. VISITOR: Person or persons who read the site without sharing his/their personal contact details and visit the site for information purposes or share his/their personal contact details with the site owner company via the forms in the site and on his/their own consent. To be hereinafter referred to as “User” in the Contract.
4. CUSTOMER: People or entities that benefit from the services specified in the site in exchange for a fee and share their personal and entity information on their consent for this. To be hereinafter referred to as “User” in the Contract.


1. Confidentiality:

This SITE shall be responsible for protecting the confidentiality of the User. However, this responsibility shall extend to the top level confidentiality provided in the conditions required by the internet medium and it should be known by the User who enters/uses the SITE that in the internet medium, total confidentiality can never be ensured. The SITE shall respect the confidentiality rights of the User and all the information provided by the User via the SITE shall be kept confidential. The SITE shall not be hold responsible for any damages incurred by any person or entity due to the legal or illegal actions of third parties. By entering and using the SITE, you declare that you have read, understood and agreed to the Confidentiality and Terms of Use of the COMPANY. If you do not agree to the Confidentiality and the Terms of Use, you should not use the SITE. The moment you access to and enter the SITE, you are considered to have agreed to this contract.

2. Impersonal and Compiled Information:

When the SITE is visited, the IP via which you enter the SITE, the pages you visit on the SITE and how much time you spend on each page, data form and application are recorded. The purpose of keeping this information is to develop the site of the COMPANY and improve the services regularly. This information is obtained using the IP addresses which are generally not connected with the personal identification details.

3. Personal Information:

When a User sends a question via the SITE, fills out an information form for a certain service or makes an application, he may prefer to use the site to send his personal information. Unless approved by the User or required by the law, every time the User uses the site for a certain purpose and sends his personal information, the information is used only for this purpose. Users may determine the amount of the information they will give. Information may be asked in the required fields and the optional fields in the form. Thus, if the required personal information is not provided for a certain activity, this activity cannot be used.

The COMPANY shall take the necessary measures to enable the following: (i) to protect the collected personal information against unauthorized access, disclosure, falsification or destruction and (ii) to store personal information in an accurate and current manner and as per the applicable legislation. Moreover, we try to make sure our affiliates and service providers show the utmost effort to protect the confidentiality of your personal information. For online processes, we use technology to protect the personal information you send us via the site. Unfortunately, it cannot be guaranteed that any security system or any data transfer system via the Internet are entirely secure. 

The contact information you give the COMPANY may be used and forwarded to third parties by the COMPANY for advertisement and promotion purposes via e-mail, SMS and directly via the mail.

4. Cookies:

In time, the COMPANY or its partners may send a “cookie” to your computer. A cookie is small data send by the eeb server to your Internet browser and then, stored in the memory of your computer. Cookies cannot retrieve data from the memory of your computer and cookie files created by other webpages. Cookies do not harm your system. Some cookies are required for the operation of the SITE, while others enable us to identify Users, learn the number of Users and see what Users do while browsing the SITE and therefore, we can improve the operation of the SITE; moreover, they are used to enable us to recognize you when you visit the SITE again, they save your visits to the SITE, the pages you enter and the links you follow and we use this information to organize the SITE and the contents of the SITE to ensure they address to your areas of interest. We may share this information with third parties for this purpose.

By changing the settings of your Internet browser, you may reject cookies or have your browser alert you when a cookie is sent to your computer. By restoring the settings of your browser to its original state, you accept all cookies. If you reject cookies, the applications you see in the SITE and other websites may decrease and some features may not function as desired. The COMPANY shall not be responsible for such reduced applications and troubles.

5. Data Security:

To prevent unauthorized access to the SITE, to maintain data accuracy and to enable the accurate use of the information, physical, electronic and administrative procedures are applied to protect the information collected via the SITE and to enable security. Despite all conditions, the COMPANY cannot guarantee that personal information cannot be obtained by illegal means from the systems of the COMPANY and you accept all the risks and responsibility that may arise including the risk of lack of security in our systems by using the online services of the COMPANY.

6. Security of minors:

It is very important to protect the confidentiality of minors. Therefore, the COMPANY does not collect and arrange information in the SITE regarding people you know under 18 years old. None of the fields of the site have been designed to attract minors.

7. Linked Sites

This SITE contains links that convey the Users to other websites whose content is not controlled by the COMPANY. These linked websites may have different conditions than the confidentiality terms specified in this Contract. The COMPANY shall not be responsible for the collection, use or disclosure of personal information that may be collected by such websites. The COMPANY does not assume responsibility for any damages that may arise from such a collection, use or disclosure. That links to other sites are provided in the site of the COMPANY do not mean these sites are safe and the relevant responsibility shall be entirely born by the user. The Users accept that when you click on a link that is directed to external sites, as these sites are prepared and controlled by third parties, they leave the responsibility area of the COMPANY and from this point on, the COMPANY does not have any responsibilities whatsoever. The COMPANY shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect damages, harm and costs that may arise due to any error, cut, delay in data transfer, computer virus, line and power failure that may occur while using the SITE. Similarly, the COMPANY shall not be responsible for any structures that may arise from any uncontrolled links to the SITE provided from other sites regardless of the consent of the COMPANY. The COMPANY shall have the information and materials in the SITE and the relevant copyrights to arrange such. The COMPANY shall reserve all copyrights, registered trademarks, patents, intellectual and other property rights of the materials of the Site. A person and/or organization may not use a part of the SITE on another website and establish the link of another website, without obtaining the prior consent of the COMPANY.

8. Amendments to the Contract:

This Confidentiality and Terms of Use are subject to amendment. The COMPANY shall announce any amendment to the Confidentiality and Terms of Use in the SITE. All the information sent to the COMPANY via the SITE shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the Confidentiality and Terms of Use as amended.

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