Located in the heart of Hillside Beach Club, Sanda Spa is an oasis for anytime pampering, a metropolitan concept spa with a minimalist design and exotic features that houses a selection of treatment rooms, Jacuzzy, Sauna and the traditional luxurious Turkish Hamam.

    • Summer Harmony

      A special massage balancing body, mind and soul.Stimulates nerves, muscles, glands and speeds up the blood circulation, promotes health and well being.

      60 min 195 TL

    • Turkish Herbal

      A unique blend of Turkish oils applied with rhythmic light or hard strokes to take away stress.

      60 min 195 TL
      90 min 255 TL

    • Sanda Active

      Deep and strong pressure massage that relaxes, energizes and strenghten muscles.

      60 min 195 TL


      Targeting specific body parts which require special attention, Specific Sanda Breaks ensure your most problematic areas are relaxed and healed .

    • Head & Face

      30 min 135 TL

    • Upper Back & Shoulders

      30 min 135 TL

    • Hands & Feet

      30 min 135 TL

    • Stone Therapy

      A deep foam massage using herbal soaps and a sea salt scrub in the traditional ambience of a Turkish bath cleans and refreshes your body while moisturizing your skin.

      75 min 245 TL

    • Lava Shell Massage

      This unique treatment eases tired muscles and soothes the spirit with warm sea shells, a complete experience that engages all the senses in the boosting your emotional well-being.

      60 min 215 TL

    • Sanda Cacao Dream

      60 min 180 TL


      The Hamam is a very special traditional Turkish bath ritual that has served as a cleansing and purifying treatment for centuries. Sit back in our invigorating version of the steam bath and leave yourself in our professional hands to enjoy the health that flows with water.

    • Turkish Hamam Ritual

      Clad in a traditional waist cloth, relax on heated marble while our therapist cleans and scrubs your body with a fibrous sponge, before completing the ritual with a classic foam massage.

      45 min 180 TL

    • Luxurious Hamam Pleasure

      Taking the traditional experience one step further, refreshing ice massage follows the Turkish Hamam Ritual.

      60 min 200 TL

    • Jet Lag Recovery

      45 min Turkish Hamam Ritual
      60 min Sanda Breaks Massage

      105 min 305 TL

    • Hangover Cure

      10 min Sauna
      45 min Turkish Hamam Ritual
      30 min Specific Sanda Breaks Massage

      85 min 250 TL

    • 3-Day Package

      1st Day
      60 min Luxurious Hamam Pleasure
      2nd Day
      60 min Sanda Breaks Massage
      3rd Day
      60 min Elemis Coconut Rub and Milk Ritual Wrap

      165 min 430 TL

    • Fruit Active Glow ( For Dull, Lifeless Skin )

      This facial will bring the glow back tired, dull and lifeless complexions, the perfect powerful skin recharge.( for Dull, Lifeless Skin )

      60 min 210 TL

    • Exotic Moisture Dew

      Following a specialist facial massage, the skin is fed with thirsty- quenching actives that will bring back that healthy, dewy look to the skin. ( for Dry Skin )

      60 min 210 TL

    • Herbal Lavender Repair

      This facial helps to heal and repair oily, problem and congested skin to restore skin balance.( for Combined and Oily Skin )

      60 min 210 TL

    • Tester Facial

      This is the perfect way to experience a taste of the world – renewed Elemis Facial

      30 min 140 TL

    • S.O.S Purifying Facial

      This treatment combined purifying massage techniques with the unique Japanese Sulfur mask infused with Vita – C booster serum to help calm irritated skin and rebalance oil- rich pores, leaving you with a beautiful mattle complexion (for Oily, Problematic and Congested Skin)

      75 min 270 TL

    • Visible Brilliance Facial

      This anti- ageing face and eye treatment produces instant firming effects – skin moisturization level shave been proven to increase by up to 38%, and elasticity by up to 28%, after just one treatment.(for Ageing, Stressed and Slackened Skin)

      75 min 305 TL

    • Pro-Collagen Quartz Facial

      Just with one treatment will bring a more youthful appearance to your skin, providing immediate results in the fight against time.( for Fine Lines and Wrinkles)

      75 min 305 TL

    • Sking Iq Facial (for Men)

      This intelligent anti – ageing facial gives the skin a super boost, and prescribed to protect against the harsh, ageing effects of shaving and environmental damage

      75 min 305 TL

    • Urban Cleanse (for Men)

      To decongest the skin, this super – grooming facial works overtime to eliminate blocked pores, neutralize impurities and reduce sensitivity.

      75 min 250 TL

    • Elemis Deep Tissue Muscle Massage

      With a focus on relieving specific stress and muscle tensions, this deep rhythmic pressure massage combines special blended oils to give the whole body a vigorous workout. This treatment customized to suit your individual need.
      Stress A-Way : Soothe and relax
      Spirit Reviver : Uplift, detoxify and renew your zest for life
      Muscle Melt : Ease away tired and aching muscle
      Chakra Balancing : Bring your body and emotions

      60 min 225 TL
      90 min 285

    • Elemis Lime and Ginger Salt Glow

      An exotic exfoliation ritual to invigorate and revitalize the body

      30 min 155 TL

    • Elemis Coconut Rub and Milt Ritual Wrap

      A traditional Balinese recipe of coconut, mung bean, spices and lavender is combined with Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt to polish the skin and stimulate the sense.

      60 min 245 TL

    • Elemis Cellutox Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap

      A detoxifying blend of Juniper and Lemon essential oils decongest and stimulates the body’s systems. An excellent way to improve dimpled appearances caused by cellulite and to reduce fluid retention.

      75 min 260 TL

    • Body Coffee Exfolation Experience

      Use caffeine from coffee extracts naturally tones and firms while energizing your body in this treatment, aromatic rosemary, citrus and mint essential open pores and release toxin to revitalizing your whole well – being.

      60 min 195 TL

    • Body Coffee Anti-Cellulite Body Wrap

      As you lie wrapped on the healing confines of therapeutic treatment, green coffee extracts naturally expel the caustic environmental build-up from the skin that leads to cellulite and uneven skin texture.

      60 min 195 TL

    • Total Time Out For Men

      Your choice of Skin IQ or Urban Cleanse facial combined with Deep Tissue Massage.

      120 min 445 TL

    • Absolute Spa Ritual

      Select either Advanced Anti-Ageing or Skin Solutions facial combined with Deep Tissue Massage.

      120 min 445 TL

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