1. Hillside Beach Club
  2. Fethiye
heavenly location
Hillside Beach Club is located on the Aegean coast of the Mediterranean, Fethiye. The resort’s stylish and contemporary accommodation offers spectacular views of the resort’s privately-owned Kalemya Bay.
Fethiye, one of the oldest towns of the Lycian Coast, is also one of the most preferred and frequented towns of the Mediterranean Shores of Turkey. The town is situated on a very secluded bay, which is a natural marina, strewn with islands.
The marina shelters large and small leisure and charter boats as well as fishermen boats and is visited by numerous cruising lines. During the summer season, a ferryboat makes round trips to Rhodes, only one and a half hours away.
Old Town
The town, now spreading towards east and west, is a typical Aegean Coastal village with the old city right at the center. The old city is now "downtown" - narrow streets opening to small squares full of various shops, coffee houses, and restaurants serving anything from fish to kebabs to pizzas and all of them open until the small hours.
The market of Fethiye held once a week, is another sight to visit and to shop. The visit means a long walk through stands selling everything imaginable like souvenirs, cotton clothing, leather goods, hand woven material, perfumes, shoes, spices, herbs, vegetables, fruit and even table clothes and duvets.
Late afternoon and night time is perfect for a walk along the promenade of Fethiye along the Marina, and sipping some good Turkish coffee or some beer at one of the many street cafes waiting for you.
Fethiye is also a true paradise for those who want to sail through history. The secrets of the ancient gods of mythology still lie hidden in the secluded caves and bays around the Gulf of Fethiye. Above the town, called Telmessos in antiquity, lie numerous Lycian rock tombs, surrounded by other temples and house tombs.
Xanthos, the ancient Lycian capital, is only 65 km. from Fethiye. At the holy Lycian center of Letoon, three temples dedicated to Leto, Apollo and Artemis, familiar gods of mythology, await the curious. Mythology records that Apollo was born at Patara, a principal harbor of ancient Lycia, south of Letoon and Xanthos.
The ruins are numerous and fascinating in this region also well known for the hospitality and friendliness of its people.