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Nature Spa

Are you ready to let yourself go to the loving caress of nature? Ease your mind with the sound of woodnotes, brooks and the rejuvenating scent of flowers, and soothe your body with a "Summer Harmony" massage.


We salute the sunrise every morning to bring you to a deeper connection with the universe starting at Hillside Beach Club.

Coffee Corner

The aroma of freshly roasted coffee permeates the air. Flat whites, pour-overs and a host of other stimulating drinks are served up at our third wave coffee corner throughout the day.

Serenity Beach

Imagine yourself stretched on a hammock, the wind sweeping across your face. Listen to cicadas sing in the background as you sip your fresh fruit cocktail... All you need to do is to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Silent Beach & Rafts

Discover the peace of the Ancient seas at the adult-only Silent Beach where the song of the waves — not ringtones — predominates at this cellphone-free paradise. Perfect for losing yourself in the quiet of a book.


Get inspired by the colours of nature. Discover the artist within. Create to your heart’s content. Your opus magnus will serve as a reminder of splendid holidays back at home.

Terrarium Workshop

How about designing your dream garden inside a jar?

Concert on the Raft

The finest notes of classical music are heard on a stage on the sea as the curtain falls with the setting of the lead actor, the sun.

Sunset Boat Tour

The deep orange glow of the sunset, the sweet blue of the sea and the lush red of the wine paint an ambiance unlike any other on this romantic voyage.

Movie Night

Grab a bucket of popcorn and enjoy the silver screen under the stars. Soundtracks enhanced by the chorus of the waves.


You no longer need to worry about the weight of the books in your holiday suitcase. You can access the books and magazines handpicked specially for you on e-readers.

"Literally heaven on earth!"
3 November 2016

This hotel is the best summer time hotel I've ever seen. Hotel owns a wonderful private bay. They have fantastic breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. The quality of the product are very good. See is amazing and there are three beaches.

“Amazing Hotel! ”
30 October 2016

Hillside Beach Club is located in nearly unique and beautiful place. Rooms are very comfortable. Service is welcome. Very active night life: every evening is interesting programme. Waiting to come back!!! I fell in love with this hotel and place!

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With this broad application, you can see all the daily activities, get detailed info about the experiences and different parts of the resort, learn about the special surprises and wonderful tips at once.

apps beach order app

Where Mediterranean caresses out private bays, Hillside Beach Club is a first-class international resort for living your dream. The Beach Oder app, an innovation that allows guests to order drinks to their sunbed with a swipe of their thumb. Users simply input their umbrella number and the drink of their choice and it will be personally delivered to their spot on the beach within minutes