1. Hillside Beach Club
  3. Bars
Blue Bar
Sip your preferred drink as you lose yourself to the swing of jazz and the soulful sound of the sea.
Beach Bar
Vibrant music makes you move. You’ll wish the sun never sets.
Pasha Bar
DJ spins a set at Pasha. Let yourself be carried away by the thrum of the drum and bass.
Pool Bar
Summer nights shimmer with energy and the music pulses at Pool Bar.
Abacco Bar
The waves crash against the shore. The moonlight illumines the night. Take a glass of wine, maybe a whisky, and drink in the pleasure of the perfumed night.
Serenity Bar
Imagine yourself stretched out on a hammock, the wind sweeping across your face. Listen to crickets sing in the background as you sip your fresh fruit cocktail... All you need to do is to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.