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the night
Sunset Parties

You’ll wish the sun never sets as the vibrant music lifts your soul into the realm of blessed beats.

Pasha Restaurant

Mediterranean cuisine, and an enchanted atmosphere link the evening with the pulsing pleasure of nighttime music and festivities. Once the plates are cleared, the party starts!

Beach Bar & Restaurant

Savour the perennial classics of Italian cuisine surrounded by the amazing natural Mediterranean backdrop at Hillside.

Night Tunes

An enchanting performance where the sound of the waves blends harmoniously with jazz notes.

Pasha Party

Popular DJs on set at Pasha... Let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of the music tonight.

Beach Party

The Beach Party spreads the carnival-like joy to any crowd. Kick off your shoes and dance atop a silky carpet of sand.

Movie Night

Grab your popcorn and dive into a movie beneath a heavenly curtain of stars. The perfect cap to a perfect day.

Photo Bus

Frame your joyful memories in glorious high resolution at Photo Bus. Print up your images to share again and again.