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  3. Family and Kids Activities


We’re looking forward to entertaining our 4-10 year-old guests at Kidside. While your children enjoy the amazingly fun events, you'd have the time to unwind, knowing that thay’re in good hands, safe and secure.


Baby Park, elaborately prepared for 0-3 year-olds, provides a sandpit, a water park and a playground, so that kids enjoy some quality time accompanied by their parents. There is also a nursing room for the convenience of breast-feeding mothers. 


Activity Center is the perfect spot for our 8-12-year-old guests to socialise. The get to make friends in a welcoming, multi-cultural environment, while getting involved in age-relevant and fun DJ workshops, dance classes and sporting activities.


Plot a new destination of family togetherness while exploring the charming bays of Fethiye. A voyage of unity and fun awaits.


Ever considered a diving course you can attend with your child? With our expert instructors, you can explore new worlds beneath the waves and share the joy of exploration for years to come.


There are many sweet moments awaiting you at Hillside Beach Club. But the sweetest are at the Chocolate Factory Workshop inspired by Roald Dahl’s Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.


Your child is a source of endless energy. Yoga, a source of boundless peace. We invite you to the Mother-Child Yoga activity where you can integrate these two essential dimensions into one joyful experience.

Father-Son Camp

Calling all dads. Our Father-Son Camp will deepen the bond and provide a meaningful memorable weekend for you and your son.


Nature provides endless inspiration, endless colours to explore. Art provides a way to unite both family and nature with the joy and surprise of creation.

Boat Tourfor Kids

Your child will join a pirate crew to discover the hidden treasures of Fethiye on a boat tour.


Fresh vegetable and fruit purees prepared fresh by our Chef and providing a healthy bite for your baby are served at the cutest corner in our Main Restaurant.


Summer wouldn’t be the same without the spine-tingling goodness packed into a cone. Ear-to-ear smiles take you back to your own childhood.

Italian Restaurant

You are only a few steps away from Italian cooking — always a family pleaser. How about savouring the taste of comfort with your children tonight?